Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wearing 'Almost Homeless' Sign, Ex-President Seeks Work

Like a parody of each other two men in America find themselves looking for employment. Former toy industry executive, Paul Nawrocki who has been walking the streets of New York looking for work since February 2008 and soon to be former President George Bush.

Mr Bush who has been very successful in mis handling Americas finances home and abroad is I am sorry to say, more likely to find a new job once the new president is ushered in to the White House.

However the other side of the coin for normal hard working Americans is a truly different story. Wearing a suit and tie under the sign, Nawrocki -- who was in the toy industry 36 years before being laid off in February -- stands on Manhattan corners for hours, hoping to pass resumes to interested passers-by."When you're out of work and you face having nothing -- I mean, having no income -- pride doesn't mean anything," Nawrocki said. "You need to find work. I have to take care of my family."

In comparrison, Mr Bush, however when asked of his attempts at finding a suitable new job confirmed, "I am just waiting for Daddy to telephone one of his friends. Once he has, I am sure I will be back in business making millions selling arms to future Presidents in years to come.

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Sir Ciego said...

yeah i saw him on the F train last Tuesday, wearing a sign that just said "gibberish"but spelled with a j and a ch. he also had fashioned his tie into a crude harness for a vicious looking rat he called Nancy, and smelled of urine and cilantro (surprisingly intoxicating). my pockets were bulging with coins, but i wisely chose to throw them in a puddle on the tracks, hoping to lure him close to the third rail, but he didnt seem to notice. he was too busy singing a lil wayne song with a melifluous twang.